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What are the details of this couples workshop?

  • Workshop Hours A New Beginning is a 3-day workshop, held Friday through Sunday, beginning at 8:00 a.m. Friday morning and ending late Sunday afternoon.
  • Format – The workshop consists of over 22 hours of interactive lecture, group interaction and breakout sessions. In addition to the time spent in the workshop, couples have evening assignments in preparation for the next day’s sessions.
  • Frequency of Workshops – The workshops are held approximately every two weeks, with alternating locations throughout the United States, most frequently in Nashville TN, Dallas TX, Washington DC, Los Angeles CA and Indianapolis IN.
  • Workshop Assignments – Prior to the start of the workshop, each spouse completes a series of confidential, online assignments. Included are individual behavioral profiles and assessments that become part of the class materials that each couple uses to understand the unique dynamics of their marriage.
  • Leaders – All of the workshops are led by a counselor or therapist specially trained in working with married couples in crisis. Every leader has years of experience in both marriage counseling and conducting A New Beginning. Their specialized backgrounds provide the highest level of insight and knowledge as they guide the couples through the complexities of relationship issues, marital expectations and avenues of reconciliation.
  • Resources – The workshop utilizes some of the most up-to-date marriage research available, along with proven methods for effective communication, rebuilding trust, handling anger, negotiation and commitment. Each couple will receive a set of workshop materials, including workbooks, additional resource materials, behavioral profiles, life maps, personal and marital questionnaires, as well as information on follow-up opportunities to reinforce skill development and guide conversations after the workshop.
  • Confidentiality – Respecting and protecting each couple’s privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Every workshop is conducted in a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment. The atmosphere at A New Beginning is informal but structured so that all the participants are able to learn and interact comfortably.
  • Success Rate A New Beginning has a remarkable 75% success rate based on ongoing independent research studies. Year after year, the results of this workshop are amazingly the same … 3 out of 4 couples stay together!
  • Registration Information – Our trained staff can provide more information about the workshop, cost, availability, locations and nearby lodging. Affordable payment options are available.