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How successful is this workshop?

3 out of 4 couples who attend A New Beginning stay together!

For nearly 20 years, A New Beginning workshop has maintained this incredibly high success rate through our uniquely insightful, informative, and empowering format. Many unwilling husbands and wives came to A New Beginning knowing their marriage was over, and left it calling the workshop, “your Last Best Chance for saving your marriage” and are still married today! Even after other marriage counseling programs had failed, A New Beginning helped these reluctant couples rebuild their broken relationships and save their marriages.

While we cannot guarantee you and your spouse will stay together, we can guarantee that once you attend A New Beginning, you will see yourself and many aspects of your marriage in a very different light. The insights you will gain and life skills you will learn are invaluable and life changing!

That’s why 95% of all couples who have attended A New Beginning would recommend it to other couples struggling to save their marriage. Even the couples who decided not to stay together had no regrets about attending the workshop and would recommend it to others.

How successful is A New Beginning?

See for yourself…

Attend A New Beginning and give your marriage its best chance for success!