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Still trying to decide about the workshop?

Let’s face it. It’s hard to know where to go for help when you are going through a crisis in your marriage, especially when talk turns to divorce. Knowing who to trust and what programs work is not easy. At a time like this, most of us seek recommendations for divorce lawyers instead of marriage workshops to save our marriage.

Just like any other crisis in life, we try to look to experts in their field who have lots of experience and a long history of success. We don’t want to go to the newest, most convenient or cheapest “expert” we can find. Instead, we look for the best!

A New Beginning workshop is the “Real Thing.” It is the original and most effective program of its type. Since 1999, over 3400 couples have experienced the powerful, life-changing effect of A New Beginning. We don’t just claim a 75% success rate of saving marriages; we have the research to back it up!

At Marriage Dynamics Institute, we do one thing…we build strong marriages! Our unique understanding and know-how comes from years of working with couples in struggling marriages. We’ve been leading and monitoring marriage workshops and classes for over eighteen years. And our A New Beginning workshop has been empowering couples to overcome their marriage crisis for over twelve years.

When it comes to saving marriages, experience counts. We have it and our record proves it:

3 out of 4 couples who attend A New Beginning stay together!

The success stories speak for themselves.

Think about it …

Don’t take unnecessary risks with your marriage. Call us now about A New Beginning. See for yourself that we know how to save your marriage!