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What will I learn at the couples workshop?

At A New Beginning, you and your spouse will learn how, why and what you need to have a healthy, fulfilling relationship and marriage. You’ll work on understanding the impact of attitudes and behaviors on your marriage as you gain different insights and develop new ways of interacting with your spouse. From day one of the workshop, you will learn truths and skills about life and marriage that will have an immediate impact on your relationship.

These include:

  • Why marriages succeed or fail
  • Restoring feelings of love
  • Handling anger and pain
  • Infidelity (both emotional and physical)
  • Forgiveness and trust
  • Conflicting life desires
  • Communicating and Listening
  • Negotiating
  • Attraction
  • Commitment
  • Developing Intimacy
  • Creating love that will last a lifetime

At the end of the workshop, you will leave with a better understanding of yourself, your spouse, and your marriage. You will be prepared to make sound decisions for your family using the knowledge and tools you gained throughout the weekend.