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How is this couples workshop different?

  • Unlike other programs, A New Beginning is not counseling or therapy. It is an educational experience unlike anything else you may have ever tried or encountered before. Although all of the Leaders of A New Beginning are counselors or therapists with advanced training in marriage and family issues, the workshop is not about analysis. It’s about empowering you with knowledge, insight and skills. It is so effective that many counselors and therapists refer their clients to A New Beginning to “jumpstart” their counseling by working with issues that it may take months to achieve in traditional counseling sessions.
  • We don’t require that an affair be over in order to attend the workshop. Our program accepts and works for married couples impacted by affairs, whether the affair is still going on or is in the past.
  • Both spouses do not have to be committed to staying in the marriage in order to attend or for it to work. All that is necessary is a willingness to listen and participate.
  • Although this workshop is not designed to overcome addictions, it often helps identify issues and motivates individuals to seek help for their addictions in order to develop healthy relationships.
  • All of our workshop leaders are counselors or therapists specially trained to work with couples in marital crisis. Each one has had years of experience conducting this workshop.