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What if my spouse doesn’t want to go?

If either you or your spouse doesn’t want to go to the workshop, you’re just like most couples who attend A New Beginning. All of our workshops are filled with couples where one or both spouses don’t want to be there. That is why A New Beginning was designed so that whether or not you want to attend does not affect the outcome for success.

Throughout the workshop, each spouse works on understanding his or her own behavior in the marriage. We do not accuse or assess blame. We do not use emotional appeals to manipulate your feelings. We create a safe place to break down barriers that are tearing your marriage apart.

If you go to A New Beginning, you will:

  • Gain knowledge necessary to understand where your marriage went wrong
  • Acquire tools to evaluate your behavior and expectations as a spouse
  • Develop skills necessary to build a strong marital relationship
  • Learn how to communicate effectively
  • Better understand yourself and your wants and needs
  • Become a better person, no matter what choice you make about your marriage

If you don’t go for help, you will:

  • Pass up an opportunity to better understand yourself and your needs and to learn skills that can help you fulfill those needs
  • Most likely get divorced
  • Repeat the same behaviors and mistakes in another relationship
  • Go through the pain, loss and struggle you are now in over and over again

By attending the workshop, you and your spouse are not committing to the marriage, just to the workshop. The only thing required is your willingness to listen and participate.

Our trained, professional staff can help you understand the personal benefits of attending and how to discuss A New Beginning with your spouse. Give us a call.