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Rejuvenate Your Sex Life to Help Your Marriage
If you were to poll the majority of married couples regarding their sex life, the most common concern or obstacle would be time. Time is a rare commodity in married life when you consider how busy Americans generally are. Between school, work, children, taking care of a home and simply trying to balance a hectic […] Read entire article
Great Sex and a Wonderful Marriage
Sex is vastly popular. It’s pursued by many outside of love and outside of marriage. The more you focus on yourself, your feelings, your comfort and pleasure, the easier it is to pursue sex in the wrong way. Good sex gone the wrong way only brings hurt and disaster. Good sex in marriage can become […] Read entire article
Sex and Marriage: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself
Marriage problems often arise from sexual issues between a husband and wife. Even in most good relationships, couples deal with sex-related marriage issues from time to time. Unfortunately, most of us find these issues difficult to admit and talk about. Instead, we tend to deny or hide them until the issues grow into a marriage […] Read entire article
Can Sex Truly Save Your Marriage?
Although couples seeking marriage help frequently mention the lack of sex as a source of unhappiness, few people really understand the strong psychological effect frequent sex has in a marriage. It can be the antidote to the poisons in your relationship and one of the best ways you and your spouse can rekindle a level […] Read entire article
Quiz: Are You in a Sex-Starved Marriage?
In our hectic lifestyles we often put off the things we should do, to do the things we have to do. Don’t fall into that trap. It takes effective communication, genuine effort and lots of time to save your marriage. Make the time to reconnect with your spouse. Look for ways to initiate change in […] Read entire article
How to Achieve Better Sex in Marriage
The age-old concerns over maintaining marriage intimacy shouldn’t scare you and your spouse into a sexless marriage. There is hope, and every couple has wondered at one time or another what steps they could take to improve their sex life. One of the greatest assets for your and your spouse, should you find a need […] Read entire article
Sex by the Calendar – Marriage Intimacy on a Schedule
Keeping the passion and spark alive in a marriage long term is quite a challenge, no matter how intimate you and your partner were in the beginning of your relationship. Sex in marriage is in many ways the lifeline between you and your partner’s emotional attachment. So, make it increasingly important to include times for […] Read entire article
5 Common Sense Tips to Enjoying and Maintaining a Passionate Marriage
It doesn’t require a love guru to maintain marriage intimacy and engage your spouse in a passionate marriage that is built on trust and strong physical and emotional bonds. Romancing your spouse can be as easy, or as difficult, as you make it. The key is understanding the simple and often subtle efforts required to […] Read entire article
Sex in Marriage: An Obstacle with a Solution
A general definition of marriage is the legal, financial and emotional union of a man and a woman with the inclusion of the legitimization of a sexual relationship within the marriage. Although there is an overall belief that the majority divorces are due to financial reasons, problems with sex and sexuality appear on the top […] Read entire article
How to Help a Sexless Marriage
As we become more comfortable in our marriages, and as various straining factors such as children’s needs, job pressures and financial difficulties creep in, the sex life in our marriages can suffer. If you feel like you are in a sexless marriage, have faith that there are things you can do to overcome the problem. […] Read entire article