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Living in Limbo: Surviving a Marriage Separation
If you are currently going through (or are going to go through) a marriage separation, you may be feeling some uncertainty because of the changes taking place during this period. If things seem out of whack, it's important to create a new routine and be deliberate about caring for yourself. Here are some steps to take to fight the stress.... Read entire article
The Dangers of Marriage Separation
Many couples in the midst of a marriage crisis think that marriage separation is the only way of calming things down and relieving the tension.  Understandably, after ongoing conflicts with each other over the same issues and behaviors, it seems natural that one or both spouses pull away from the other.  While this time apart […] Read entire article
How a Fresh Start can Save a Marriage from Separation
Don’t you wish that getting marriage help would be as simple as turning back time?  How easy would life be if you could turn back the dial on your relationship to simpler times? Back to a time when the idea of a marriage separation never crossed your mind? A time when just being apart for […] Read entire article
Separation Anxiety: When Only One Spouse Wants to Part
You and your spouse love each other, but lately you have been having major marriage issues. While conflict in marriage is natural, perhaps you or your spouse feel that things are getting out of hand. At times like this, one spouse may want a separation and one may not. If you are in this situation, […] Read entire article
What an Old Record Collection Might Tell You About Your Marriage
Think back to the first record you and your spouse bought together. What did it and the music recorded on it mean to both of you then? What does it mean now? How did you feel about each other then? How do you feel about each other now? Are your feelings for your spouse like […] Read entire article
Communicating During Separation
Marriage separation need not lead to divorce. If you and your spouse are separated, don’t be discouraged.  There is still hope. Separation is a serious step, but you can still save your marriage. So don’t give up! It’s time for a new beginning and a renewed marriage. If you are separated, it is very important […] Read entire article
9 Ways to Improve Your Marriage and Prevent Separation or Divorce
Where do you turn when marriage problems escalate past the point of control? Though professional counseling and marriage help should be considered if you and your spouse reach a place in your relationship where communication breaks down, there are steps you can take together to improve your marriage on a daily basis outside of marriage […] Read entire article
Save a Marriage from Separation
The word “separation” is never one you want to hear, especially in the context of your marriage. When all feels hopeless, you might think that separation is the only answer. But what is it exactly that drove you to the brink of separation? If we can take a step back and examine the issues that […] Read entire article
Marriage Separation – 8 Ways to Save a Marriage from Biting the Dust
Marriage doesn’t often glide along the path to happiness without bumps and bruises, and unfortunately marriage separation is becoming the all-too-easy method of trying to solve marriage problems. Rather than taking an ax to your marriage, consider fine-tuning the relationship by sitting down with your spouse and rediscovering the steps by which you can work […] Read entire article
Having Marriage Problems – Do You Need Marriage Help?
There are many different factors that could lead to marriage problems–from the stress of children to financial issues to dealing with infidelity. Most everyone has marriage problems at some point in the relationship. Though this is understood and expected, there are many things that can be done to overcome these problems and save a marriage […] Read entire article
8 Steps to Surviving a Marriage Separation
Marriage problems can escalate to the point where both spouses think they need physical and emotional space to prevent permanent, irreparable damage to the relationship. While a few hours or a weekend visiting a friend might help clear your head, a marriage separation does not prevent a divorce. In fact, it might lead to one.  […] Read entire article
Counting the Cost of Marriage Separation
If you are considering a marriage separation, don't take action until you consider all the costs involved. Read entire article