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Strengthen Your Crisis Marriage to a Loving Marriage
Many people believe that loving marriages just happen.  But should you ask a “happily married couple,” they’ll tell you it’s the result of a lot of learning and understanding.  Among the many things that loving marriages have in common, is the ability of the spouses to effectively communicate with each other. We find that in […] Read entire article
Put the Love Back in Your Marriage
“I thought you loved roses!” John fumes as Emma stuffs the freshly cut flowers in a vase and continues to water the deck filled with blooming azaleas. Acts of love expressed by one spouse may be totally misread or unappreciated by the other spouse. Love is something every marriage should have. Love is generally something […] Read entire article
Defeating a Loveless Marriage Positively
Is it really possible that in such an informed and resource-accessible time as we live in, that there are still couples who would rather stay in loveless marriages than avail themselves of the resources that can help overcome their marriage problems? Unfortunately, it’s all too true.  There are thousands of couples who for myriads of […] Read entire article
Keeping Love Alive During Marriage Crisis
You both said, “I do” in front of all your family and friends. Whether it was recently or many years ago, you demonstrated your love for each other by bonding together with those vows. But now you are having marriage problems and it seems like love is something only for newlyweds and teenagers — a […] Read entire article
Reinforce Your Marriage – Make Every Day Valentine’s Day
Romantic gestures on special days are important, and one of those held most important is Valentine’s Day. It serves to remind us of the importance of saying “I love you.” But it can also become a mere once-a-year “get ‘er done” tradition that leads to unreasonable expectations and disappointments. The problem is that loving marriages don’t […] Read entire article
Perceptions of Love: Conquering the Fairy Tale Princesses
Cinderella put on a glass slipper. Sleeping Beauty woke up. After that, it seemed as though married life was nothing but magic for the heroes in our favorite fables. Unfortunately, some of us grew up thinking that this dream can become a reality and that marriage problems don’t exist in the real world. Well, the […] Read entire article
The Myth of a Perfect Marriage: How to Achieve Loving Marriages without the False Hype
If there is one lesson couples learn early in marriage, it’s that the preconceptions of the white picket fence and flawless relationship don’t accurately detail the realities of marriage. That’s not to say marriage isn’t a wonderful blessing; nor does it mean that marriages have to be miserable ala daytime talk shows. Loving marriages don’t […] Read entire article
Restoring the Love in Your Marriage
Many times when we’ve been in a marriage relationship for a long period of time, things begin to come to the forefront and make it seem like love is no longer the focus. Children, stress on the job, financial issues and lost intimacy can all make what used to be a loving marriage turn into […] Read entire article
The Key Components in a Loving Marriage
What does it take to build and maintain a loving marriage in today’s fast-paced rat race? The sad truth is that many couples can only speculate how to nurture a healthy marriage, but struggle to practice what is preached. But what’s truly missing in a loveless marriage isn’t always clear-cut. The reality of pressures from […] Read entire article