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Coping with Infidelity in an Organized and Healthy Manner
After a marital affair, it’s not likely you are completely aware of your emotions or how to control or transcend unhealthy reactions. However, all is not lost. Understand that an important goal is not making things worse. Coping with infidelity requires a dedicated and cautious effort to succeed. First things first: Focus on what you […] Read entire article
From Marital Infidelity to a Happy Solution
If you have ever dealt with infidelity in your relationship, you know that approaching a cheating wife or cheating husband and trying to get to the heart of the matter is never easy. The question of “What led to this?” is faced by many men and women. The feelings of violation and mistrust make the […] Read entire article
Surviving Marital Infidelity
So you suspect that you have a cheating spouse. Now what? How do you approach a suspected cheating wife or cheating husband without causing further damage? Infidelity marriage crisis issues can be the hardest object to tackle you’ll ever face in your marriage. However, establishing open communication is a great place to start. Indeed, for […] Read entire article
How to Start Rebuilding Trust After Infidelity
Trying to rebuild trust in your marriage after an affair can be a difficult process.  Regardless of whether you are the cheating wife or cheating husband, or the spouse who was cheated on, infidelity causes you deep emotional issues. Finding out that your spouse has had or is having an affair often creates feelings of […] Read entire article
How Should I Respond If I See Signs of Cheating?
Whether it is a cheating husband or a cheating wife, an affair is equally damaging to the psyche of a relationship and the emotional state of each spouse. Having your trust ripped out from beneath you is only the tip of the iceberg. The feeling of shock is just as disengaging as the guilt, anger […] Read entire article
The Gradual Desensitization to Infidelity and the Hollywood Perspective
The Hollywood perspective of the power of the pretty and the normalcy of cheating in marriage have certainly played their role in guiding relationships to the edge of a proverbial cliff. Indeed, nothing is more damaging to the sanctity of long-term relationships than infidelity in marriage, and few aspects of American society have captured the […] Read entire article
When an Emotional Affair Becomes Just as Damaging as Cheating
Free-spirited we are, but at times unaware of how easily we can confuse normal and healthy human interaction with a line that shouldn’t be crossed. Some of the most damaging marital affairs may never go beyond the realm of emotional attachment. Infidelity in marriage comes in all shapes and sizes, with the act of sex […] Read entire article
How to Address a Cheating Spouse and Still Keep Your Marriage
Our culture has been inundated with tales of infidelity and cheating.  For example, there is a television show called Cheaters dedicated to catching your spouse in the act of cheating.  On the TV show, those who suspect their cheating husband or cheating wife can have them followed by private investigators who catch them in the […] Read entire article
Gaining Trust After Infidelity
Infidelity in your marriage can be absolutely devastating. With trust being one of the most crucial components of any relationship, when it is compromised, it is only human nature to believe that you can never regain that trust again. You can start thinking, if my spouse cheated once, what’s to say it won’t happen again? […] Read entire article