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Money Management: 3 Questions You and Your Spouse Should be Asking
With the economic climate as it is, many couples are struggling with handling and prioritizing their financial commitments.  Instead of keeping track of the dollars, many couples are forced to watch their nickels and pennies just to make ends meet.  It’s during times like these that finance in marriage can often be a great source […] Read entire article
Household Finances and Stress
Finance in marriage is one of the most critical components to success, just as it is in a business. The ability to manage the household finances properly can make married life less stressful. Couples who tackle discussion and agreement about finances often have more savings and less stress than those who don’t.  It is wise […] Read entire article
Married and Hurting? Don’t Let Money Get in the Way
Feeling too deeply hurt to ever recover? “It’s the second time he’s gambled away our savings!” she sobs. “I have to work a second job because she pays NO attention to our budget!” he shouts. Trust has been broken so many times that both of these families are in serious need of help. They no […] Read entire article
Losing a Job and Saving Your Marriage
We know all too well how unstable the economy is right now, and that means jobs are in jeopardy. When one spouse loses a job, it can have serious effects on the marriage relationship, even potentially leading to a marriage crisis. While job loss by itself presents a very difficult challenge, it can magnify or […] Read entire article
Tips for Managing Finance in Marriage and Reducing Marriage Debt
Managing finance in marriage can be either a relatively smooth process, or it can be one of the greatest challenges you and your spouse face. The reality is that most of us enter marriages already in financial debt, the burden of which then falls on our and our spouse’s shoulders equally. Thus, managing finances after […] Read entire article
Marriage and Finance: Planning for the Unexpected
In these tough economic times, there may be no greater stress than finance in marriage. Whether things are going well or even if you are struggling, your marriage can stand up to financial challenges with a little creative thinking. So take action and start your new beginning today. Perhaps the most unnerving aspect of finance […] Read entire article
Financial Mistakes Married Couples Should Avoid at All Costs
The first time you turned to the Internet, friends or family, or just about any resource you could find for marriage help, it likely seemed that any one issue felt like two tons of weight. Couples struggle with finance in marriage more than many other problems encountered early in the relationship, mainly because it’s the […] Read entire article
Money as Part of Marital Conflict
Conflict is a disagreement by actual opposition of needs, values and interests, often between two or more individuals resulting in stress and/or tensions. It exists in a wide range of social venues and marriage is not immune to it. All marriages suffer some degree of marital conflict sooner or later.  In some instances minor disagreements […] Read entire article
Finance in Marriage: Before and After Single Life
Learning to balance household finance can be a bit of an enigma. On one hand, the freedom of single-life spending is usually more limited when it comes to sharing with your spouse. On the other hand, the benefit of a bit more financial stability can certainly produce more opportunities to live the life you dreamed […] Read entire article
Don’t Let Christmas Debt Ruin Your Marriage
As the holiday season approaches, our finances are brought out into the spotlight with the question of how much are we going to spend on gifts this year. Many times, this can put strain on a marriage. When it comes to family or children, you and your spouse might disagree on how much to spend. […] Read entire article