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Marriage and Family: Seeing the Whole Picture
If you and your spouse are in the midst of a marriage crisis, you are certainly aware of the emotional strain that it places on both of you.  Unfortunately, you are not the only ones affected.  It is important to realize the emotional impact those struggles are having on your children and family.  Don’t forget […] Read entire article
A Strong Marriage Keeps a Family Strong
Your family life essentially reflects the health and strength of your marriage, and vice versa. Having a home that fosters mutual respect and family communication is key not only to strengthening your bond and trust with your children, but between you and your spouse as well.  By your actions, you become the model of how […] Read entire article
Three Family Activities You Can do at Home
Marriage problems affect everyone in your family. So while you and your spouse are working on your relationship, it is important to devote attention to spending time with your family as well. Saving a marriage can be a group effort. If you use it as an opportunity, it can be the start of a new […] Read entire article
The Anatomy of a Positive Family Dinner Time
Healthy family communication is extremely important in your day-to-day routines, but it typically takes last place in most homes. Whether it is your and your spouse’s busy schedule, the hustle-bustle activities of the kids, or the ever-present TV distraction, mealtimes are rarely together as a family and typically fall to the “get ‘er done” syndrome. […] Read entire article
Family Communication: Seven Steps to a Stronger Marriage
If you’re like many of us struggling to tackle family issues and balance family activities with a hectic schedule, it’s never too late to learn how family meetings can lend a powerful hand in improving family communication. By following a few key steps, you can avoid some common mistakes in communication between you and your […] Read entire article
How to Benefit Your Marriage with A Family Vacation
It seems like school breaks are always just around the corner. Managing this time together can get stressful and even cause marriage problems. It’s better to take the time to start thinking ahead.  This can be an opportunity for more family time and a new beginning. Here are a few pointers to maximize your family’s […] Read entire article
The Importance of Family Communication
Communication is the way we interact with others and express our feelings, thoughts, needs, and ideas. It involves not only words, but also our gestures, facial expressions, body positions, and perceptions. It is a complex process that requires more than clarity in use of words; it requires consistency between our words and our gestures, facial […] Read entire article
Save Your Marriage by Solving Your Family Issues
Do you feel like the difficulties of everyday life have become a burden on your family? As our children become older and take on activities of their own, life tends to become more strenuous. We find ourselves rushing around constantly. From after-school sports or band practice, to loads of homework as our children advance in […] Read entire article
10 Family Activities that Encourage Unity
Families that play together stay together, or at least find that the quality of family communication is enhanced. Gaining a stronger sense of unity makes fighting through family issues a less frightening task. Encouraging your family to spend time together can be quite a challenge.You’re up against social anxieties and pressures, school and extra-curricular activities and […] Read entire article
How to Navigate Family Issues in the Age of Convenience
As they say, blood is thicker than water, yet in an age where family activities are hostage to busier work schedules, individual obligations, and cheap communication via technological expediency, the art of tackling family issues has become far more challenging than ever. Work and no play makes family activities a fading commodity in some households, […] Read entire article