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Salvage Your Marriage from Divorce
Divorce threatens your troubled marriage. Where do you go when the bottom drops out of your marriage? Your spouse has an affair. You have an affair. The person you thought you married turns out to be totally different in reality and love goes out the window. “We’re getting a divorce! There’s nothing you can do […] Read entire article
Emotional & Physical Costs of Divorce
As sobering as the financial reality of divorce is, it is far less than the emotional and physical costs of divorce.  Over the past several years, much has been reported and discussed on the emotional effects of divorce.  Most of us are aware of the negative impact of stress and depression on attitude and behavior […] Read entire article
What Does The High Cost Of Divorce Really Buy?
Although the U.S. divorce rate is at its lowest since the early 70s, the business of divorce is an increasing $28 billion-a-year industry. The Rising Cost Of Divorce It would be hard to find an adult today who doesn’t have some idea of the hard costs associated with divorce.  Most agree that legal representation is […] Read entire article
Avoiding Divorce: Three Tips for the Real World
You were both resplendent on your wedding day. All sparkling eyes and hearts full of joy, you bound yourselves to each other forever. So now — months, years, or decades later — why does it feel like your marriage is hanging by a thread? Things are looking hopeless, and divorce might seem like a viable […] Read entire article
How to Save Your Marriage, One Step at a Time
If you are contemplating filing for divorce or drawing up separation agreements, you probably feel that you have no other choices.  We all know that experiencing conflict in marriage is part and parcel of being married.  It is only normal that you and your spouse have differing ideas and points of view; after all, you […] Read entire article
Every Other Weekend: Divorce and the Family
So, you and your spouse are having marriage problems. Maybe your outside stress is overlapping into your family life; you feel you are growing apart, or perhaps there has even been infidelity. Whatever the reason is, it’s time to seek relationship help. Because saving a marriage from divorce means saving a family as well. Before […] Read entire article
How a Marriage Seminar Can Save Your Relationship
There is no magical formula to fixing an ailing marriage. No magic prescription, secret handshakes or voodoo that can replace the impact of learning to communicate properly and understand each other’s unique marital needs. And no marriage can grow and move beyond its challenges without both spouses learning how to respect and love each other […] Read entire article
Saving Your Marriage and Your Social Life
Admit it. You need relationship help. Maybe you’re separated, suffering from marriage conflict, or even headed towards divorce. But don’t lose hope. Identifying the real implications of ending a marriage may help you realize how important your relationship is. It’s time for action. It’s time for a new beginning. The decision to get a divorce […] Read entire article
Where to Turn for Marriage Help when Facing an Imminent Divorce
When your relationship has deteriorated to the point that you and your spouse are no longer communicating at a healthy level, it may seem inevitable that filing for divorce is your only option left. Rather than give in and drown your marriage in separation agreements and legal battles, take a deep breath and step back […] Read entire article
Divorce and the Impact on Our Children
Divorce doesn’t just affect you and your spouse, it affects all those around you, including your children. When you are having issues in your relationship and thinking about filing for divorce, it can be an extremely confusing time for children. Seeing instability in what was always known as a safe, stable environment for children can […] Read entire article