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Learning About Marriage through Your Children
Raising children is by far one of the most difficult tasks you’ll undertake in your marriage. Between the battle lines and the push and pull of balancing a healthy married life with being “all-star” parents, you’ll find a unique opportunity to gain valuable marriage help in a place you might never expect. Just as the […] Read entire article
Four Tips for Communicating with Your Kids
At a time when you and your spouse are dealing with marriage issues, it is often difficult to parent your children with the same patience and understanding as you do when your marriage isn’t struggling.  The stress of working towards resolving marriage conflict can be overwhelming, leaving little emotional room for handling the ups and […] Read entire article
Important Issues to Consider about Children and Divorce
When you have children, getting marriage help is never a too-little, too-late proposition. If you should find that failed attempts at saving your marriage have left you and your spouse on the brink of a divorce, be willing to try new solutions, especially if children are involved. While divorce is never easy, it is one […] Read entire article
7 Tips for Raising Children & Keeping Your Marriage Intact
For many obvious reasons, the first years of marriage can be quite challenging. In the best of circumstances, each spouse must make adjustments. No amount of premarital counseling can fully prepare a couple for all the changes each spouse will have to make. This is especially true when children come along. The best-made plans are […] Read entire article
Kids and Marriage
When you introduce children into your marriage, everything changes. When all you’ve known is you and your spouse together, adding a child to that mix can become complicated. It can add a level of stress to the relationship not seen before. Relationship problems can easily arise if you don’t devote some time to spend with […] Read entire article
Measuring a Divorce’s Impact on Children – How to Balance Your Emotional Health with that of Your Child
Divorce is an especially rough experience for children. They have to deal with the conflicting emotions of feeling stuck between two warring parents and their own unfulfilled emotional needs. Also, children have to cope with the feelings that they are losing their family and not knowing where to turn for answers. A marriage crisis doesn’t […] Read entire article
Marriage Problems: What Do We Tell the Kids?
So you and your spouse are having marriage issues. Disagreements and conflict in marriage are very common, if not inevitable parts of married life. However, if you have children, your and your spouse’s disagreements and conflict can have serious lasting effects on them. Being considerate of your children and their needs in a time of […] Read entire article
Married with Children: 5 Secrets to Healthy Parenting and a Stronger Married Life
As if marriage wasn’t challenging enough, having children while trying to maintain a loving marriage is exhausting. Balancing children and marriage means shuffling between nurturing, cleaning up after and engaging your children, and spending enough time with your spouse so that you won’t need professional marriage help to keep things together. Married parents, have no […] Read entire article
When Children Arrive in a Marriage
The birth of a child usually brings joy and happiness in a marriage, but it can also be the cause of serious strains on the marriage relationship. The roles of husband and wife change drastically; suddenly they are also father and mother. Romantic dinners, weekend getaways, and free-spending are often replaced by sleepless nights, loss […] Read entire article
Children in Marriage
Falling in love and getting married can be one of the greatest things that ever happens to you. Finding that special someone to share your life with changes everything. Now you have someone to share all of life’s ups and downs with, someone to be there for you no matter what. Whenever you finally decide […] Read entire article