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Great Sex and a Wonderful Marriage

Couple in bed - great sex in marriage

Sex is vastly popular.

It’s pursued by many outside of love and outside of marriage. The more you focus on yourself, your feelings, your comfort and pleasure, the easier it is to pursue sex in the wrong way.

Good sex gone the wrong way only brings hurt and disaster. Good sex in marriage can become great sex. One way to have great sex is not becoming selfishly oriented for your own personal pleasure. Though self-oriented sex may seem desirable, it can cause you to self-destruct.

How sex can be self-destructive.

Pursuing sex outside the marriage may signal a sexual addiction. “I lost my wife, my kids, and my reputation for a one-night fling” is a far too common commentary on how to wreck your life, health, and happiness.

Usually the person with the addiction is the last person to know or admit to having a sexual problem. If you suspect you have a sexual addiction, get help. There are numerous programs that can help.

Even in marriage, sex can become addictive. The power of the sex drive can be overwhelming and leave you nearly helpless. It may be exhilarating, but it can control you without you being aware of it.

When you have the mindset that sex is basically meant only to give you pleasure, it gets ugly. You are going in the wrong direction when your expectations become demands for specific pleasures for your spouse and yourself. Sex that is forced frightens and damages your marriage partner. Healthy sex is pleasurable to both spouses, not just one.

The sex act between a husband and wife is powerful.

It can be an incredible, exhilarating experience of mutual intimacy and passion. Handled with care, sex in marriage is beautiful and gives the joyful sense of “Wow!”

Only in a loving marriage between a man and woman can there be the completion of wholeness, purity, commitment, trust, freedom, and respect in one moment. That is the bliss of the sexual marriage act. There’s no substitute for it.

Sex is great between a husband and wife when there’s mutual trust, freedom, security, respect, play, and excitement. Good sexual relations in marriage are not just physical; they are also emotional.

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