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How to Achieve Better Sex in Marriage

The age-old concerns over maintaining marriage intimacy shouldn’t scare you and your spouse into a sexless marriage. There is hope, and every couple has wondered at one time or another what steps they could take to improve their sex life. One of the greatest assets for your and your spouse, should you find a need for marriage help, is a thriving physical relationship.

Couples who work to maintain a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship will find a stronger connection with each other, as well as find that the stresses and challenges of life are easier to manage. But how to maintain a healthy level of marriage intimacy?

Though there is no fool-proof method or plan, there are some simple steps you and your spouse can take to ensure that sex in marriage doesn’t become a lost art. Romancing your spouse and enjoying each other’s intimate company can be easily achieved by implementing the following into your weekly routine:

  1. Schedule time during the week for sex and stick to your schedule no matter how crazy the rest of your life may get.
  2. Surprise your spouse with an unexpected romantic gesture.
  3. Spoil your spouse with a surprise weekend or getaway, or just a night out away from the kids and the stresses at home that may prevent you from enjoying each other.
  4. Establish private and personal rituals that are special and unique to your relationship.
  5. Listen to your spouse’s wants and needs in the bedroom and work together to keep sex healthy and fresh.
  6. Consider your health, hygiene and physical appearance as important aspects of your physical relationship.

There is no relationship that doesn’t undergo tough trials and roadblocks, especially in the bedroom. Sex in marriage is vital, and maintaining a healthy sexual relationship takes equal partnership to achieve a level of passion that will last. Listen and learn with your spouse, and you’ll find that an emotionally fulfilling marriage is a direct result of passionate marriage intimacy.

If you’re finding that a sexless marriage is affecting your relationship with your spouse, then it may be time for you both to attend a marriage workshop. We want to help you help your marriage.