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Can Sex Truly Save Your Marriage?

Couple in bed - Can Sex Save Your Marriage?

Although couples seeking marriage help frequently mention the lack of sex as a source of unhappiness, few people really understand the strong psychological effect frequent sex has in a marriage. It can be the antidote to the poisons in your relationship and one of the best ways you and your spouse can rekindle a level of intimacy that hearkens back to the beginning of your journey together.

Yet, here comes those ever evasive two words: marriage intimacy. It’s borderline enigmatic and equally frustrating when struggling couples try to force intimacy back into their marriage. I may want to ask my reflection in the mirror how to help my marriage without feeling like I’m giving away a part of who I am or forcing myself to give my all when I’m not certain that my spouse will return the physical appreciation.

It’s not uncommon to feel like sex is a heavier burden than the actual fighting that has caused the emotional canyon in your marriage. You and your spouse may feel like sex in marriage puts all the pressure on both of you to perform. But romancing your spouse isn’t about giving up your own needs and chance at happiness.

Think of sex as your secret weapon to saving a marriage without feeling torn between your and your spouse’s needs. You can have your cake and eat it too. It’s not about forcing yourself to enjoy sex, but rather about sitting down with your spouse and communicating your desires.

It’s not about hiding behind your inhibitions, but rather finding the courage to explore areas of marriage intimacy long thought to be hidden in ancient text or stories you only hear in passing. Passion is about taking that leap of faith together, with each other to guide and enjoy the mishaps, excitement, and general surprises that regular sex can bring.

But even more important is your willingness to talk, and keep on talking. If you find that discussing the subject of sex in marriage is too uncomfortable for you or your spouse, or more importantly, if neither of you is certain as how to approach reinventing sex in your relationship, then it’s definitely time to seek marriage help to guide you.

To many couples’ surprise, a weekend marriage seminar or marriage workshop can teach you a ton about each other and your marriage relationship. Also, a professional marriage counselor who understands the complexities of sex, passion, and the modern marriage can give you better perspective on your relationship.

So try out your sexual superpowers if you’re confident to go it on your own, but if you are not, seek professional marriage help to find a common passion in your marriage once again.

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