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5 Common Sense Tips to Enjoying and Maintaining a Passionate Marriage

It doesn’t require a love guru to maintain marriage intimacy and engage your spouse in a passionate marriage that is built on trust and strong physical and emotional bonds. Romancing your spouse can be as easy, or as difficult, as you make it. The key is understanding the simple and often subtle efforts required to prevent a sexless marriage. Sexual dissatisfaction will create a void between you and your spouse.

Here are 5 common-sense and simple tips to engaging your spouse and enjoying a long-lasting and passionate relationship:

  • Talk: Communicate your need for intimacy, what you need to maintain a healthy level of physical intimacy and how to compromise so neither spouse feels like the burden of “giving” weighs heavily on one set of shoulders rather than two.
  • Listen: Though it may seem rather obvious, often the first roadblock to marriage intimacy blindsides a healthy marriage because communication becomes one-sided. But communicating your physical needs accomplishes nothing if you are unable to meet your spouse halfway and place equal importance on listening to her or his physical needs.
  • Compromise: Healthy sex in marriage can be one of two things: an avenue to a stronger emotional bond between partners or a burden on one spouse who feels her or his needs are not being met. The two steps above are meaningless if communication between spouses does not lead to a compromise where both partners receive equal share in the intimacy department. Quite simply, romancing your spouse can often fail due to the pressure of one partner feeling like she or he bears the brunt of the effort to maintain physical intimacy. Therefore, the emotional intimacy suffers. Learn to have equal consideration for each other’s sexual and emotional needs.
  • Schedule Time: Busy work routines, family obligations and other distractions often mean marriage intimacy falls to the bottom of your priorities. Either you and your spouse make time for sex, whether it be at least once per week or whenever you can escape responsibilities and distractions, or you risk romance falling by the wayside.
  • Get Away: Sometimes stepping away from stress and obligations and enjoying a new adventure, a change of scenery and a break from the familiar can be the spark to put a sexless marriage back on track. Spouses need time to spend alone, away from family, work and the hustle and bustle of a busy world.

Though obvious, marriage intimacy is essential to a healthy relationship. The effort to communicate, listen to your spouse’s needs, schedule time together and step away from the pressures of daily life can go a long way toward helping you and your spouse enjoy your marriage even more. If all else fails, seek out professional guidance to help build confidence in exploring what avenues can make the physical part of your marriage stronger. Contact us to learn how we can help.