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Save a Marriage from Separation

The word “separation” is never one you want to hear, especially in the context of your marriage. When all feels hopeless, you might think that separation is the only answer. But what is it exactly that drove you to the brink of separation? If we can take a step back and examine the issues that led you to feel like you had no choice but to separate, could you in fact save your marriage?

Many factors can lead to the breakdown of your marriage, and for every couple they are different. For some it might be an intimacy issue. For others it could be inclusion of children in the marriage that could possibly lead to a communication breakdown. And some couples struggle with issues of infidelity. Whatever the reason may be, there are options to think about before you decide to give up and separate from your spouse. Most marital problems can be worked through with commitment, patient communication, and good counsel and help from others.

You may not be physically or legally separated from your spouse. However, emotional separation can be a real factor in any issues you may be having with your spouse. Communication in any relationship is vital. A lack of it can lead to an emotional separation almost without you knowing it is happening. If you feel like you are slipping away from your spouse emotionally, think of some of the reasons you fell in love in the first place. Rekindle those feelings by doing the things together with your spouse that made you fall in love. It may be taking time to be alone just the two of you or doing activities you love to do together, in order to reconnect.

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