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How a Fresh Start can Save a Marriage from Separation

Couple out together eating ice cream - How a Fresh Start Can Save a Marriage from Separation

Don’t you wish that getting marriage help would be as simple as turning back time? How easy would life be if you could turn back the dial on your relationship to simpler times? Back to a time when the idea of a marriage separation never crossed your mind? A time when just being apart for the day was difficult enough and enjoying your spouse’s company was far easier.

Even though we don’t have a “time turner” like they do in Harry Potter, there are ways you can “go back in time” to when your marriage and life were simpler and you could enjoy even the smallest pleasures.

We have found that in a marriage, continually banging away at an issue produces little or no results, and sometimes it can actually cause more damage than good. Knowing when to stop pouring all your energy into fixing the problems and to start putting your energies towards calming the waters can go a long way in rebuilding your marriage. Rather than seeking marriage separation advice, stay together, stop working against each other, and seek the professional help you need to overcome your crisis marriage.

Positively focusing on each other is a key factor when you are trying to save a marriage from separation. It is important that you do things like you did when you first started dating your spouse. Things like taking walks, enjoying ice cream, watching a ball game, and even going on a short picnic were memorable events. Unfortunately, most of us lose those times to the toils of worldly stress that wear away at the novelty of subtle yet still very important activities.

It’s not always big things that tear a marriage apart. Instead, it is sometimes the lack of small things that sustain your friendship and keep you wanting to spend time with your spouse.

Starting over can seem like an overwhelming task, but if you step aside from the issues at hand to rekindle your friendship, it is a goal that can be accomplished. It’s important that you help marriage problems become less the focus and rather devote your energy to reinforcing even the smallest positives.

Think positively about and look forward to having a real friendship with your spouse rather than blaming your spouse for every unhappiness you are experiencing. Too often, couples feel that the pressures of marriage and family have complicated what once was a very joyous and simple partnership. Spend quality time together doing the things you used to love doing together, and make that time a priority.

If you are feeling like you can’t get past your marital issues long enough to find the good in your spouse, consider seeking marriage help. Before you think about separation, think about talking with a professional marriage counselor who can help guide you through the conflicting emotions of your marital issues to find a place where you can work to save your marriage.

For many couples, a marriage seminar or marriage workshop is a highly effective, time-efficient way to find that new beginning where you can restart your crisis marriage.

Although you can never really turn back the clock, you can learn skills that will help you to return the friendship and enjoyment back into your marriage, making your relationship stronger and more loving than ever.

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