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9 Ways to Improve Your Marriage and Prevent Separation or Divorce

Where do you turn when marriage problems escalate past the point of control? Though professional counseling and marriage help should be considered if you and your spouse reach a place in your relationship where communication breaks down, there are steps you can take together to improve your marriage on a daily basis outside of marriage counseling.

Before marriage separation becomes an ugly reality, consider these 9 ways you and your spouse can improve your marriage and work through minor issues with fewer bumps and bruises:

  1. Honesty is always the best policy. Nip potential problems at their source by honoring each other with open and honest communication.
  2. Avoid emotional separation by giving steady support for each other’s passions and goals, making it a part of your weekly routine to talk with each other and share thoughts and ambitions.
  3. Set ground rules for arguments that employ both fairness and productive communication minus the finger pointing and name calling.
  4. Talk, talk and talk some more. Set aside time to listen to your spouse’s concerns and make it known that it’s a priority, not a burden.
  5. Schedule time for just the two of you away from work, school, children and the hustle and bustle of the outside world.
  6. Make at least one romantic gesture per week to express your love and appreciation.
  7. Make important decisions together, gathering equal input from your spouse.
  8. Share fears and insecurities openly.
  9. Tackle the problems and not each other. Focus on the solutions and never stay angry.

These are but a few suggestions to help strengthen your marriage over time. They can also be valuable steps should you need marriage help but aren’t sure how to or whether you can prevent marriage separation without long-term damage. Above all other advice, it’s imperative that you and your spouse take time daily to communicate. A positive and productive approach to problem solving will do wonders for the health of your relationship down the road.