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Richmond How To Save Marriage

For many couples in Richmond, a how to save our marriage workshop was probably never something you thought you’d need when you got married. However, when you plan on being together for the rest of your lives, you’ll inevitably go through difficult periods. You don’t want to give up, but you need help to repair your marriage and mend the wounds.

What Is ‘A New Beginning?’

It’s a 3-day save our marriage workshop in Richmond, VA developed by Marriage Dynamics Institute. It’s not designed to be a quick fix or cure-all. It’s a “turnaround weekend” that empowers couples to rebuild and renew a happy, healthy marriage.

Since 1999, many struggling couples have participated in our Richmond save our marriage workshops as well as others held throughout the country. 75 percent of those couples have stayed together.

A Safe, Comfortable Space

We know that many couples who attend our Richmond how to save our marriage workshops are anxious about the process. They’re afraid they’ll be blamed for the problems in their marriage and nervous about revealing intimate details of their relationship. However, our techniques for how to save your marriage in Richmond VA don’t involve judgment by our marriage counselors or other participants.

Our counselors help couples develop alternative behaviors and life skills to communicate and interact with each other more productively. We help spouses understand themselves and each other better so that they can go home and work together to repair their marriage.

Don’t Give Up Before Seeking A New Beginning

Too often, couples think that their relationship is beyond hope. They’ve gotten into bad habits and toxic patterns that have only made things worse. We don’t promise to repair all of the damage in a long weekend, but we will give you important tools to help you do that yourselves.

Call us or use our convenient online form to reserve a spot in our next Richmond save our marriage workshop or one in another city. Our friendly, compassionate representatives will also be able be able to address any questions or concerns you may have. Let us help you get your marriage back on track.