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The Key Components in a Loving Marriage

What does it take to build and maintain a loving marriage in today’s fast-paced rat race? The sad truth is that many couples can only speculate how to nurture a healthy marriage, but struggle to practice what is preached.

But what’s truly missing in a loveless marriage isn’t always clear-cut. The reality of pressures from daily living and work often don’t fit within personal, family or societal visions of “the perfect marriage.” This often puts couples in the middle of a firefight. In the midst of the conflict, it is often the simple and practical that escapes their grasps.

Restoring love back in marriage and growing and fostering a healthy marriage should include these essential components:

  • Long-lasting communication and romantic gestures that are maintained with both partner’s needs understood and considered.
  • Understanding and accepting one another’s faults.
  • Remaining supportive through efforts to learn from mistakes, rather than belittling or focusing on the negative.
  • Picking your battles. Don’t waste time on nitpicking. If the issue is really important to you or your spouse, address it in a way that shows respect for your spouse. Work calmly on the most important issues to increase loving interactions.
  • Respecting each other’s habits, hobbies, desires, etc.
  • Understanding and encouraging the independence necessary at times to grow as individuals as well as a couple.

Obviously these components are but a small portion of what it takes for loving marriages to stay that way. It could be that restoring love back in marriage means retracing steps back to the foundation of a relationship and understanding that the notion of love is not always enough. A loveless marriage could be simply missing the key components that are required to nurture and grow a loving relationship. Or it could be that love and loyalty “roots of a healthy relationship” need support and sensitivity to grow from where you started as a couple.

But be wary of either side making it a practice to abandon compromise for self sacrifice. It takes two happy people feeling that their needs are being fostered and placed on the top of the priority list.  One person cannot give and give to the point of exhausting their self-reliance and individuality and expect to sustain a loving marriage.

Seek out specialized and experienced help if you feel trapped or unable to find constructive solutions. Sometimes a marriage’s worst enemy is being too close to an issue to maintain healthy perspectives on it. To move forward, each spouse’s growth must be kept in mind. And sometimes couples need someone to step in and offer a steadying hand, rather than facing the challenges of fostering a loving marriage alone.

We would like to help you have a loving marriage.