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Reinforce Your Marriage – Make Every Day Valentine’s Day

Romantic gestures on special days are important, and one of those held most important is Valentine’s Day. It serves to remind us of the importance of saying “I love you.” But it can also become a mere once-a-year “get ‘er done” tradition that leads to unreasonable expectations and disappointments. The problem is that loving marriages don’t need just one, or two or three, days per year for spouses to reinforce their love for each other; they need several.

The phenomenon of Valentine’s Day thus raises a more important question. Why romance your spouse only once per year? Why not embrace the spirit and purpose behind Valentine’s Day throughout the year, every day? Why not make every day a “Valentine’s Day”? Why wait until the middle of February? Every couple needs marriage help and there is no better help for one’s marriage than to make every day special. Take the time to make small and meaningful romantic gestures throughout on the day, every day, every week, throughout the year. Don’t wait until flower shops are shipping out rose bouquets in bulk and disappointed wives everywhere are sifting through boxes of chocolates that they would normally never eat. Break the mold men!

It’s up to us to set a new standard for romance. Romance is not simply a tag you can place on one day out of the calendar year, and it is certainly not a get-out-of-jail-free card that allows you to sail through the remainder of the year ignoring the needs of your spouse. Whether it is flowers “just because” or love notes by the bed side or loving hugs and kisses, these are your best weapon against relationship stagnation and aversion of a marriage crisis. Don’t use Valentine’s Day and other holidays as a crutch for your romantic inadequacies. A loveless marriage takes two to make it so.

Remember, the next time you huff and puff at your wife, you may want to stop and consider what exactly you’ve done for her lately. You might be surprised that the number of meaningful romantic gestures over the last several weeks is quite low. Wake up men, Valentine’s Day is only one opportunity to show your commitment and love for your wife. It is past due that men do their equal parts in restoring love back in marriage because by and large we are a gender suffering from relationship shortcomings. It’s time to expand and adapt and show the world that men can be thoughtful without unnecessary prompting from the greeting card companies.

If you and your spouse are on the brink of a marriage crisis and haven’t expressed your love for one another in a long time, please contact us, we can help your marriage flourish.