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Perceptions of Love: Conquering the Fairy Tale Princesses

Cinderella put on a glass slipper. Sleeping Beauty woke up. After that, it seemed as though married life was nothing but magic for the heroes in our favorite fables. Unfortunately, some of us grew up thinking that this dream can become a reality and that marriage problems don’t exist in the real world. Well, the truth is that marriage, and saving a marriage, is hard work. Love can be a very broad term for the unity and commitment that keeps you and your spouse together. Think about the real-life things you can do to show your spouse you love them, and think about the things that your spouse might already do to show you love. Again, marriage, and saving a marriage is hard work. Realizing that is your first step toward a new beginning – outside the enchanted forest.

How do you like your coffee? Or do you prefer tea? Knowing small things that bring comfort to each other goes a long way toward maintaining intimacy and avoiding a marriage crisis later down the road.

When you are out, do you bring something back for your spouse? Do you ask each other if you need anything before you run an errand? Do you keep each other posted on your whereabouts and plans? Little demonstrations of thoughtfulness show your spouse that you’re paying attention and that they are on your mind. Being sincerely and openly considerate not only demonstrates your love, care and respect for your spouse, but also helps in resolving marriage conflict and avoiding a marriage crisis.

Surprise! Are you taken aback every so often by a small act of tenderness? Taking a break from the norm to show your spouse you love them with a little gesture is a great way to say you care. It doesn’t need to cost anything – perhaps you can cook dinner one night, or do a chore you don’t normally do. Sure, it’s not as grand as arriving on a white horse, but what is?

Of course, love means many different things to married couples. Find out what works best for you and your spouse. Be ready and willing to acknowledge when you need help. Asking for marriage help is a good place to start, and is yet another way to say “I love you.” It’s never too late for a new beginning.