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Defeating a Loveless Marriage Positively

Is it really possible that in such an informed and resource-accessible time as we live in, that there are still couples who would rather stay in loveless marriages than avail themselves of the resources that can help overcome their marriage problems? Unfortunately, it’s all too true.  There are thousands of couples who for myriads of reasons are more willing to live an unhappy existence than admit they need help in fixing their marriage.

Falling in love the first time is easy, but restoring love back in a crisis marriage requires a level of dedication that can challenge even the most disciplined.  It’s no walk in the park, nor is it as easy as applying a healing salve to the wounds of your relationship and presto, all is well and forgiven. It is hard work.  It requires patience and time to understand and change patterns of behavior that took a happily married couple to this state.  As challenging as it can be, the rewards far outweigh the pain.  Over time with the right kind of help, rather than their straining the relationship, marriage problems can provide an opportunity for the couple to grow stronger together than ever.

Too often couples focus on the negatives that encompass the struggles of married life. Regret and remorse replace what should be feelings of accomplishment. Every step of the way that you and your spouse manage to transcend petty differences or major hurdles is a stepping stone toward building a stronger relationship. The fact that no marriage is perfect should be a rallying call rather than a disappointment.

Loving marriages have several things in common, but most importantly they have a commitment to work together toward a more fulfilling and loving relationship. There is no magic fairy dust or cure-all. It takes determination and perseverance when times get hard.  It takes knowing that loving your spouse can far outweigh the frustrations and shortcomings of any marriage.

Seek relationship help if you find that despite your can-do attitude the relationship just isn’t growing. Combating stagnancy requires action, so if despite your best efforts you find yourself feeling helpless, never be ashamed of asking for professional marriage help. In fact, many couples in a crisis marriage who seek professional marriage help find that the hesitations they had about sharing their personal lives with a complete stranger were erased when the help they received effectively helped them resolve and overcome their marriage issues.

The work and total commitment to overcome a marriage crisis is hard, but the reward of achieving a better-than-ever loving marriage is worth it. But remember, you only get out of any relationship what you put into it. Expect nothing if you aren’t committed and determined for the long haul. And remember: oftentimes seeking help is the very best option for the future of your marriage. There is no good reason to allow perceived helplessness and hopelessness to stand in the way of your ability to save your marriage.