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Louisville Christian Marriage Workshops

Do you need marriage help near Louisville, but are you unsure where to turn? You've talked to your spouse. You've talked to other family members and you feel hopelessly disconnected and frustrated.

At the same time, you know that you need to do something to save the marriage. It’s time to learn more about our Christian marriage workshops in the Louisville KY area. We'll help you find the perspective you need and work through the issues that are threatening your marriage.

Our Goal

The goal of our Louisville KY marriage workshop is to help you and your spouse really make progress. We want you to choose your marriage again. We're not just trying to help you get by. We'll work closely with you to help you rediscover the love and passion you once had.

It works. Our Louisville marriage help workshop results in three out of four couples staying married. The success rate is impossible to deny. If nothing else, don't you want to give the Christian marriage workshops in Louisville KY a shot just to give yourself those odds?

No Judgment

One of the biggest things people worry about before they go to Louisville Christian marriage workshops is that they'll be judged. Maybe you felt judged just talking to friends and family members about the problems in your marriage.

Don't worry. We offer a small-group setting with leaders who care. We never judge you. We merely seek to understand and to help.

Remember, no matter what issues you're facing, you are not along and we've seen it before. We've been offering marriage help in Louisville KY for years. Couples often feel alone when they are facing problems. They think no one knows how they feel. The reality, though, is that many couples simply face the same issues. The A New Beginning workshop provides a kind, loving and compassionate atmosphere for you both to grow stronger in your marrriage. You'll see that in every one of our Louisville marriage workshops.

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