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Little Rock Christian Marriage Workshops

Are you looking for marriage help in Little Rock AR? If so, A New Beginning is the answer. We provide Little Rock marriage help in a 3-day workshop designed to help you remedy the issues that are plaguing your marriage. We have an impressive success rate, as over 75 percent of the couples who participate stay married. To learn more about how A New Beginning workshops can help, contact us now.

Christian Marriage Workshops in Little Rock AR

We know how difficult life can be when your marriage is on the rocks. At A New Beginning, we provide the tools you need to rebuild your marriage so that you and your family can thrive. Over the three days, you will learn how to transform your marriage – not just a temporary fix for it. Our marriage workshops near Little Rock AR will empower you to rebuild your marriage and experience a new beginning.

The leaders of our Little Rock marriage workshops are specially trained and experienced marriage counselors. However, this is different than counseling. This is a workshop that will address the issues your marriage faces head-on and allow you to arrive at a place where you can make decisions about your future – together.

We utilize many strategies and learning activities to help you look at love and life from a different perspective. Some examples include:

  • Individual personality profiles
  • Life maps
  • Personal assessments of your life
  • Personal assessments of your marriage

By the end of our Little Rock Christian marriage workshops, couples are developing the relationship skills they need to build marriages that are strong, healthy and will stand the test of time. Let our workshops provide the Little Rock marriage help you need to restore your love for one another and your faith in your marriage.

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