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Emotional and Virtual Infidelity

Saving a marriage is a daunting task with countless problems combining into one frustrating situation. But when a marriage crisis involves a cheating wife or a cheating husband, it is especially difficult to find the right frame of mind in which to seek relationship help. If you are in this situation, it’s time to stop getting lost in the confusion of blame, anger, and shame. It is time for a call to action and a new beginning.

When we hear the word infidelity, most often it calls to mind a physical, romantic relationship outside the marriage. While this is often the case, there are also other kinds of infidelity that can be equally and oftentimes more harmful to a marriage.

Emotional infidelity

While having a network of supportive people is invaluable, sometimes lines get crossed and a husband or wife may turn to a friend for support instead of to their spouse. While this is usually a harmless, occasional occurrence, it can unintentionally evolve into much more.  What starts out as someone to talk to can become that special someone with whom you share intimate details or choose to confide in rather than with your spouse. Because of this transfer of support and intimacy, emotional infidelity can create serious marriage problems and a damaging lack of communication at home.

Virtual or online infidelity

Computers are unavoidable in today’s world and most of us have Internet access in our homes. While this is very convenient for school and work, the Internet has the potential to be misused. Virtual, or online, infidelity occurs when a spouse participates in online chats or activities that in a real-life context are considered inappropriate. This can involve anything from sharing personal information, to having regular intimate virtual contact with someone else, to visiting websites with questionable or pornographic content.  The complexity of issues associated with virtual infidelity often causes significant marriage issues.

Infidelity in any form is hard to handle, but not impossible. Fortunately, there are resources available that can help save your marriage. With the right tools, you and your spouse can begin to rebuild your trust and embrace each other anew. A marriage seminar which addresses these unique issues is a great place to start. Please contact us to get started in your new beginning. We can help.