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The Gradual Desensitization to Infidelity and the Hollywood Perspective

The Hollywood perspective of the power of the pretty and the normalcy of cheating in marriage have certainly played their role in guiding relationships to the edge of a proverbial cliff. Indeed, nothing is more damaging to the sanctity of long-term relationships than infidelity in marriage, and few aspects of American society have captured the essence of cheating like the golden beauties of the Hollywood limelight. Convenience trumps working through issues. It’s by lifestyle example that we are drawn continually to the presumed glamour of living the chase with a new love interest when our marriages become stale.

Hollywood has certainly shown us how easy it is to give up on a relationship. What Hollywood doesn’t often show are the many harmful, hurtful and long-lasting consequences of an affair. The perspective is skewed quite thoroughly by the run-and-gun mentality of the red-carpet relationship, with fourth and fifth marriages all too common among entertainers.

A cheating husband will certainly feel justified by the numbers and the growing perception that cheating in marriage is ok. A lonely wife need not look far for misguided advice that leads her to become a cheating wife with more ease than we should be able to stomach. Why has society become so mired in giving up and giving in rather than seeking marriage help before crossing a line that cannot be erased? Why have we become so desensitized to infidelity in marriage? What ever happened to working it out?

The gradual desensitization of our better sensitivities not only to right and wrong, but to the importance of raising children, having loving and lasting marriages, and experiencing the joys of sharing life’s many experiences with a true life partner and best friend have all become dull and worn in the light of infidelity in marriage. Frankly, cheating spouses seem almost as common as fast food and drive-thru pharmacies.

What is worse is that the art of coping with infidelity becomes infinitely more buried under this growing mass of easy outs and couples throwing in the towel without truly digging deeply and asking, “How can I save my marriage?” Like some twisted and voyeuristic how-to-cheat-with-ease manual, looking for the signs of cheating can leave heads spinning into denial as cheating spouses everywhere need not look far for “advice” on how to cheat and cheat well.

It seems that couples all too often settle for the easy way out, not simply because it’s easy, but because so much visual precedence exists everywhere for marriage failures. Why not rather find the valuable insights from couples whose marriages have endured the many tests of time and remain happily married? Why not seek help from trained marriage professionals who have a successful track record of helping couples work through problems and flourish. Why not set a trend and look at your marriage crisis as an opportunity to learn how to openly communicate your needs to your spouse? Why not use your conflict as a rallying point for rediscovering the roots of your love and the ongoing health of the relationship? Infidelity in marriage is wrong, and the consequences are many and far-reaching. But there is still real hope for your marriage. Do the right thing for yourself and your marriage. Get professional help now!