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Don’t Let Christmas Debt Ruin Your Marriage

As the holiday season approaches, our finances are brought out into the spotlight with the question of how much are we going to spend on gifts this year. Many times, this can put strain on a marriage. When it comes to family or children, you and your spouse might disagree on how much to spend. Even in marriages where finances might not be something that is thought of often, or spoken of frequently, they can cause quite an issue during the holiday season.

The average person spends $600 to $800 on gifts.  How much of it is paid for in cash or credit can have a lot to do with how a couple will feel in January and February when the bills start coming in. Giving gifts is a fantastic thing to do, but is it worth problems in your relationship? Maybe it is that hot new toy you’d like to buy for your child or a new HDTV or expensive piece of jewelry for your spouse. In many situations, couples take on a fair amount of debt to purchase gifts during the holiday season. This debt could handcuff them for many months to come. Before making holiday gift purchases, be sure to have a conversation with your spouse about household finances and come to an agreement on a budget, one that you can both get behind and support so that issues will less likely arise in the aftermath.

Are finances causing a problem in your marriage? If so, you have a lot of company.  Money problems are one of the top things couples say they argue about. Lots of  couples today seek help from many different sources to help them learn how to talk, plan and understand about money and marriage.  It is perfectly okay to admit, “Hey, we have a problem with finances in our marriage, let’s reach out for help before it becomes too late!”  You are not admitting defeat, just taking the biggest step to saying that your marriage is worth saving. Don’t let something like the holiday season, which is supposed to bring joy and family togetherness, become a source of strife in your relationship.