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Three Family Activities You Can do at Home

Marriage problems affect everyone in your family. So while you and your spouse are working on your relationship, it is important to devote attention to spending time with your family as well. Saving a marriage can be a group effort. If you use it as an opportunity, it can be the start of a new beginning in how your family works together to solve problems.

Between work, school and extra activities, it is often hard to make time (and find the money) to go out and enjoy yourselves as a family. Marriage issues serve only to compound this. And as a society, we seem to have bought into the idea that we must “do something special” in order to have quality family time. But we don’t need to leave home to have quality family time.  Consider the following three ideas for in-house family bonding.

Trivia night

Each family member writes 10 questions and answers on separate cards about him or herself, or the family. Collect them and you have a very simple trivia game to play in the living or family room for an evening. You will not only spend time together, but also learn some fun new things about each other.

The big clean

There is no need for cleaning to be boring. A great way to spruce up the house while still having fun is to establish an awards system. For example, you can buy several simple award ribbons from a craft store and decorate them with funny award titles like “most ridiculous dusting pose” or “scariest closet.”  Take pictures and document the day so that it will become something you can look forward to doing again in the future.

Be crafty

It’s not just for people on the home and garden shows. There are many simple projects that you and your family can enjoy, from scrapbooking and arranging photo albums, to building bird houses or quilting. Taking the time to create something together that can help marriage and family bonds to become stronger and treasured.

There are thousands of other ideas like these, so be creative. Use the above three as starters to stimulate other ideas. And be sure that the ideas are not just “your” own! All families are different so take the time to consider everyone’s needs and then decide together what you might like to do together.

Remember: being part of a family doesn’t just mean helping each other out when there is a problem; it also means building relationships that are characterized by joy, appreciation, respect, unity and love. What better way to do this than spend quality time doing enjoyable things together in which every family member meaningfully and enjoyably participates, regardless of age, sex or ability?

Are you and your spouse struggling to find quality family time? Is the lack of time with your family to the detriment of your marriage? If so, please let us know, we want to help you have the best marriage possible for you and your family.