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What Does The High Cost Of Divorce Really Buy?

Although the U.S. divorce rate is at its lowest since the early 70s, the business of divorce is an increasing $28 billion-a-year industry.

The Rising Cost Of Divorce

It would be hard to find an adult today who doesn’t have some idea of the hard costs associated with divorce.  Most agree that legal representation is both a necessary and expensive part of getting divorced. Understandably, with attorney fees ranging from $75 to $450 an hour along with up-front retainers of $500 to $10,000, a divorce these days comes with a pretty high price tag.  Along with attorney fees, there are court costs for filing, process serving, mediation, subpoenas, and even more should your case go to trial. When a divorcing couple has children, there are additional costs including financial determinations of child support and alimony.  All of which, have significant financial ramifications.

With the average cost of a divorce estimated at nearly $20K, the couples feeling the greatest monetary impact are from middle-income homes, especially where both spouses work. Going from one residence to two, means an increase in living expenses on less overall income.  The domino effect of dividing assets, settling debts and establishing separate households is that the majority of people who divorce, walk away from their marriage having significantly decreased, if not completely lost, their financial security along with their marriage.

What Does Divorce Buy?

In spite of the thousands and thousands of dollars spent, most couples who get divorced never really learn what caused their marriage troubles to begin with.  They don’t understand that their own attitudes and behaviors contributed to the break-up and how the same thing will happen again unless they learn more about themselves and acquire the relationship skills necessary for a healthy marriage.

Divorce doesn’t fix, it ends. There are many other choices available to couples with marriage problems that will help them live a better, happier life.  More often than not, a marriage intensive partnered with follow-up counseling helps couples to become  better for themselves, their spouse, and find the way to save their marriage and keep their family together.