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Saving Your Marriage and Your Social Life

Admit it. You need relationship help. Maybe you’re separated, suffering from marriage conflict, or even headed towards divorce. But don’t lose hope. Identifying the real implications of ending a marriage may help you realize how important your relationship is. It’s time for action. It’s time for a new beginning.

The decision to get a divorce has very serious and long-term consequences, and affects not only you but your extended family and friends, too. Think about it. You and your spouse have built up a network of friends, many of them couples, with whom you share close ties and lots of great memories. If you don’t work to save your marriage, you also risk ending many of these friendships as well. You can’t just divide your friends like old photos between you and your spouse.

Ending a marriage presents the issue of how to interact with friends you and your spouse share and what it means for group gatherings. Dinner parties, vacations, and couples’ night out are lots of fun that often come to an end when divorce enters the picture. Sure, every couple has marriage issues; conflict is part of life and can sometimes get the better of us. But severing ties with a spouse can also lead to an inevitable break in many of the friendships you once shared. Your divorce will affect the people you love and may even force them to choose sides, participating in something they did nothing to deserve.

Naturally, you would never want to put your loved ones in a painful situation. If the strain of trying to solve all your marriage problems becomes too much to bear, reaching out for marriage help is always an option. Plus, a marriage seminar can be a great first step to putting you and your spouse back on the road to a long and happy life with each other and with your friends. A New Beginning marriage workshop can provide the tools you need to get there.