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Every Other Weekend: Divorce and the Family

So, you and your spouse are having marriage problems. Maybe your outside stress is overlapping into your family life; you feel you are growing apart, or perhaps there has even been infidelity. Whatever the reason is, it’s time to seek relationship help. Because saving a marriage from divorce means saving a family as well. Before considering divorce, think about the serious long-term implications of that decision on your family.


Divorce means radically changing everything you and your children have come to know about your lives. You will no longer live together as a family, but separate with scheduled visits. Your children might not see one parent for weeks at a time, which can have devastating effects on their relationship and emotional well being. Divorce can also bring an undue feeling of guilt and responsibility to your kids. However, showing your children that you and your spouse are working to resolve your conflict in marriage will demonstrate that your family is your number-one priority.

Extended family

If you and your spouse part ways for good, you are most likely also parting ways with your spouse’s family as well. Your marriage crisis will likely have left some scars on the people you love, and divorce will only worsen it. Show your loved ones that you cherish them and fight to save your marriage, and your friendship.


Holidays can be stressful for even the happiest of couples, but they are especially difficult while you are having marriage issues. Although holidays can be happy times full of warm family memories, a divorce in the family usually leads to awkwardness about invitations and conversation topics, not to mention missing cherished celebrations.

The ramifications of divorce are different for every family, but universal in their devastation. If you find that you and your spouse have become overwhelmed and are considering divorce, consider seeking marriage help. Remember divorce isn’t the end of your troubles; it’s only the beginning of new ones. Seek professional marriage help before it is too late for your relationship.