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Avoiding Divorce: Three Tips for the Real World

You were both resplendent on your wedding day. All sparkling eyes and hearts full of joy, you bound yourselves to each other forever. So now — months, years, or decades later — why does it feel like your marriage is hanging by a thread? Things are looking hopeless, and divorce might seem like a viable option. In short, you have a major marriage crisis on your hands. Don’t give up! You can still save your marriage. It’s time to take back control and strengthen those promises you made at the altar. It’s time for a new beginning.

Divorce has a catastrophic effect on everyone around you: children, family, friends, indeed, your whole network. Here are three starting points toward avoiding divorce in a cultural climate that might make it hard to resist at times.

1.  Talk it out.

Obvious, right? Wrong! Many couples become so blinded in a haze of non-communication and built-up grudges that they actually stop speaking to one another and become lost in their marriage issues. Take a breath! Open your eyes. You are two human beings who need love and attention, and this begins by discussing things with each other. Start small. Ask questions and listen. Listen some more. From there, you can start to regain the communication that was once there.

2.  Engage in some PDA.

That’s right: Public (or private) Displays of Affection. That doesn’t mean however that you have to act like a teenager. Hold hands, rub your spouse’s back, and even go for a kiss on the cheek. Saving a marriage is big-time work, but showing your spouse you love them with a small touch goes a long way. Of course, if you are aware that your spouse doesn’t want to be touched or kissed, only do so after getting their permission. It is worth the effort.

3.  Get help.

Sometimes, it’s time to yell “Uncle!” and admit that you two need some marriage help. You are not alone! Lots of couples utilize marriage workshops and marriage seminars to help them through difficult times and to avoid divorce. “A New Beginning” is a marriage workshop that consistently proves to be one of the best available. Take the step to get the help you need to save your marriage.