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When Enough is Enough

Conflict in marriage always occurs, whether we want it to or not. Each one of us brings something different to the relationship and this is bound to cause conflict to come up at any unpredictable time. If we aren’t careful in how we handle this conflict when it arises, this can lead to an unhealthy relationship and put a heavy strain on our marriage.

While conflict in marriage might be difficult to deal with, you are better off confronting the situation that is bothering you than letting the issue fester. Not dealing with conflict at all can be just as detrimental to¬† the relationship as not being able to resolve the problem. If you are taking steps to resolve marriage conflict, you should remain aware of how you personally are emotionally dealing with the situation. If you become very defensive, claim a right and a wrong in the situation, don’t listen to understand your spouse’s needs, or dominate the argument, you will almost certainly be doing more harm than good. The important things to remember when dealing with marriage conflict are that there are two of you with unmet needs and that a compromise should be the ultimate goal.

But what happens if you get to the point where you say “enough” in your relationship? Can your relationship be salvaged? No matter where you are with your conflict issues, there is always hope for your relationship. If you feel like conflict in marriage has taken hold of your relationship, it is never too late to seek help. A weekend retreat workshop which helps deal with conflict in your marriage might be exactly the thing you need. It could help you and your spouse resolve your issues and not only get your relationship back on track, but make it even better than ever.