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Resolving Marriage Conflict in the Jerry Springer Era

Resolving marriage conflict through communication, dedication and professional guidance may strike most of us as an obvious aspect of not only basic human interaction, but also a healthy and mature manner of conflict management. Yet in the era of easy-out marriages, it seems that the white-picket-fence ideal of a perfect union is being replaced by a manufactured successor in so-called reality television.

Chair-throwing ordeals and staged conflicts seem to draw an uncanny and mildly disturbing fascination from a society mired in a growing divorce rate. But why? Has healthy marriage become less “real” and more conceptual, or is it simply that a gradual desensitization to suffering has allowed this generation of married couples to trade honesty and hard work for the easy way out?

Conflict in marriage is inevitable; it’s the art of resolving marriage conflict that has become degraded by this notion of reality entertainment that vaguely resembles a mix between bad soap opera, Hollywood excess and scripted couples therapy. It’s okay to admit that you can’t solve your marital problems on your own. It’s okay to pursue professional help and intervention before your marriage derails down a path toward a dead end.

It’s disheartening to think that so many of us have forgotten that the path to healthy relationships¬† involves a healthy dose of self-respect, individuality and a willingness to talk out our problems. It seems we would rather allow the twisted trappings of Jerry Springer syndrome and reality television to confuse our better judgment on what marriage should or shouldn’t be.

Conflict management when it comes to marriage isn’t as desperate or hopeless as the ordeals of day-time television portray. In fact, resolving conflict in marriage in many ways means returning to the concepts that helped build a relationship worthy of marriage in the first place. Talk, listen and learn.¬† If these methods fail, then apply the same model with the help and direction provided by a third party who specializes in resolving marriage conflicts. There is no shame in asking for help; nor is there a limit to the importance of remaining open to understanding love and its many challenges.