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Cincinnati Christian Marriage Workshops

For couples in Cincinnati, marriage help can be difficult to ask for. When you recited your wedding vows, you likely had no idea how hard marriage could be. However, every married couple has difficult periods. It doesn’t have to mean divorce.

How Is ‘A New Beginning’ Different?

It’s a 3-day Cincinnati Christian marriage workshop for people who want to save their marriage. Our Cincinnati marriage workshops, developed by Marriage Dynamics Institute, isn’t some long seminar. It’s a “turnaround weekend” to help people get their marriage back on track, whether they’ve reached a crisis point or they’ve had a long slide into an unfulfilling, seemingly loveless relationship.

A Healing, Non-Judgmental Atmosphere

We know that some people hesitate to attend a Christian marriage workshop in Cincinnati OH because they fear that they will be blamed or judged. However, that’s not what A New Beginning workshops are. We know that no one can live up to their marriage vows in the way they once hoped they could.

For our marriage counselors in Cincinnati, marriage help isn’t about blame or judgment. We help couples in small groups work on the behaviors and skills they need to better communicate and interact with each other to resolve their issues and heal their relationship.

Can ‘A New Beginning’ Help You?

Sometimes, couples who participate in our marriage workshops in Cincinnati OH come to us in the midst of a crisis. Others have reached a point where they no longer see a future together. Common issues that couples bring to our workshops include:

  • Infidelity
  • Sexual problems
  • Financial challenges
  • Health problems
  • Discord involving children or other family members
  • Lack of communication
  • Addiction
  • Concern that the love is gone

Obviously, we can’t repair all of the damage that can occur in a marriage in one weekend. However, our trained specialists provide tools to help couples better communicate with one another.

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If you’re looking for faith-based marriage help in Cincinnati OH, we hope that you’ll read more about us on our this site and then contact us for more information and to schedule a spot in our Cincinnati marriage help workshop.