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Married with Children: 5 Secrets to Healthy Parenting and a Stronger Married Life

As if marriage wasn’t challenging enough, having children while trying to maintain a loving marriage is exhausting. Balancing children and marriage means shuffling between nurturing, cleaning up after and engaging your children, and spending enough time with your spouse so that you won’t need professional marriage help to keep things together.

Married parents, have no fear. While your first instinct after a trying day full of trials and tribulations is to crash headfirst into your bed, consider these 5 simple secrets to balancing your sanity as a parent with your love for your spouse:

  1. Take a few minutes every night to sit and talk, cuddle on the couch and just be near each other. Engage, listen, and find out about each other’s day. Temporarily put aside the issues and burdens of the children and work to focus on the “us” in your life.
  2. Take turns cooking dinner and taking care of nightly routines. Share the parenting duties and you may just find more time to spend together.
  3. No one said raising children meant no sex in your marriage, though it’s often assumed that parenting rules out passion in the marriage. Malarkey! Take time out of each week for intimacy with your spouse, no matter how crazy your schedules get.
  4. Keep the communication open regarding parenting issues and include your children in family decisions to take some of the stress and burden off your shoulders. A family that plans together often enjoys spending time together as well.
  5. Hire a babysitter and go out for an evening once per week and spend some quality time together. It’s critical for you to set aside time to spend with your spouse away from the house and children.

The key is to never let your marriage slip and relationship problems ensue because you’re just too busy to spend time together. Balancing children and marriage means making the time to enjoy your spouse’s company. Overbearing and self-sacrificing parents can create more problems than parents who learn how to enjoy being a couple as well. Selfish and demanding children and married couples that don’t work as a team often go hand-in-hand, so don’t forget that your actions as husband and wife set an influential example for your children.