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Charlotte Christian Marriage Workshops

Providing Charlotte Marriage Help for Troubled Marriages and Couples in Crisis

Some couples are skeptical about attending a Christian marriage workshop in Charlotte NC. They may be hesitant to admit that they have not lived up to their marriage vows or caused pain to their spouse. However, every marriage hits road bumps -- and sometimes massive potholes -- that can make that “’til death do us part” commitment seem beyond reach.

We designed our Christian marriage workshops in Charlotte NC to provide couples with the tools they need to communicate about their issues and feelings more effectively, either on their own, with their own marriage counselor or as part of a recovery program or other therapy. In fact, some couples attend our marriage workshops in Charlotte NC at the recommendation of their marriage counselor as a way to “jump start” their private sessions.

What Is ‘A New Beginning?’

It’s a 3-day “turnaround” weekend designed by the Marriage Dynamics Institute to help couples deal with their current issues and those they may face in the future.

Many people think that if they attend a Charlotte Christian marriage workshop, they’ll be blamed and judged for things like infidelity, addiction, anger, jealousy and what they may consider “un-Christian” behavior. That couldn’t be further from the truth at A New Beginning.

Many of our couples are dealing with those issues and more. Our Charlotte marriage help workshops aren’t about placing blame on one spouse or another, but about helping couples learn to deal with those issues and begin to heal the wounds they’ve caused. Couples work with trained therapists and marriage counselors in small groups where they share openly and support each other.

A 75 Percent Success Rate

Divorce has become the way to deal with an unhappy marriage for many people. By considering A New Beginning, you’re taking an important step toward saving your marriage, even if you feel you’ve tried virtually every other type of marriage help in Charlotte NC. Three-fourths of A New Beginning participants stay together and grow a strong and satisfying marriage.

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