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Austin How To Save Marriage

Is your marriage on the rocks? Do you feel as though you and your spouse are falling further and further apart? At Marriage Dynamics, we can help. We offer the A New Beginning workshop that specifically address your issues, such as “how to save our marriage” in the Austin TX area. These 3-day, save our marriage workshops are designed to help married couples who are suffering a marital crisis, having experienced a spousal affair, constant fighting or a lack of communication.

Austin How to Save Our Marriage

At our Austin save our marriage workshops, spouses who may not be willing to attend marriage counseling are often willing to participate more in workshop sessions. Workshop leaders are married couples who have extensive experience working with marriages in crisis, and one or both of them is a Christian counselor or therapist. They have the sensitivity and understanding to help you with the unique dynamics of your marriage in an environment of confidentiality and respect.

At our Austin how to save our marriage workshops, we know how difficult it can be to talk to your spouse about marital problems. We help you speak the same language so that you can move toward solutions more quickly. Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • Why marriages succeed or fail
  • Differing communication styles
  • Fundamentals of respect
  • Renewing commitment
  • Handling anger and pain
  • How to forgive and trust again

Couples work together to develop a plan to continue growing together after the workshop. You and your spouse will have the tools to work toward making and keeping your marriage strong.

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Are you ready to see a dramatic improvement in your marriage? Our Austin how to save our marriage workshops are open to married couples who want to make their marriages work. Even if your spouse is reluctant to work on the marriage we may be able to help. Call us now to learn more about our workshops. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.