Rejuvenate Your Sex Life to Help Your Marriage

If you were to poll the majority of married couples regarding their sex life, the most common concern or obstacle would be time. Time is a rare commodity in married life when you consider how busy Americans generally are. Between school, work, children, taking care of a home and simply trying to balance a hectic routine, sex in marriage tends to fall to the bottom of the list.

In all practicality, the rigors of financial responsibilities and stresses that tend to hold your routines hostage means there is less time for marriage intimacy unless you make it.  Unfortunately when it comes to making time for our personal relationships, we are our own worst enemies.  We allow work and daily routines to take over.  More often than not, people don’t realize it until it’s too late and there is a problem in their marriage.  Keeping connected emotionally and physically is an extremely important part of a marriage. A sexless marriage is not only psychologically unhealthy for both partners, it could be a contributing factor for a marriage in crisis.

While we all love the idea of a long romantic evening, planning the time to demonstrate your affection for your spouse can be exciting in its own rite.  Sit down with your spouse and talk about making a date for each other and let it become part of your weekly routine. Don’t think of it as a date for sex but rather let sex be the natural outcome of reconnecting with your mate.  Be creative about planning your time together.  Even if you have to make a schedule, it doesn’t have to become routine.  Let it be the TGIF you look forward to during the week.

All marriages go through times when sex has to take a back seat to other priorities in caring for the family, but these times shouldn’t define your sex life.  If it becomes the rule versus the exception, don’t just expect it to turnaround on its own.  Try to work with your spouse to arrange quality time together.  If you and your spouse can’t find your way through the problems, seek professional marriage help.  There are many options available including support groups, weekend marriage workshops and counselors who specialize in marriage intimacy and sex.  Let sex help you and your spouse stay connected, not drive you apart.

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