Marriage Separation – 8 Ways to Save a Marriage from Biting the Dust

Marriage doesn’t often glide along the path to happiness without bumps and bruises, and unfortunately marriage separation is becoming the all-too-easy method of trying to solve marriage problems. Rather than taking an ax to your marriage, consider fine-tuning the relationship by sitting down with your spouse and rediscovering the steps by which you can work together to build a stronger marriage that can endure the bumps in the road without bruises.

Here are 8 ways to save a marriage from separation without jeopardizing your happiness in the process:

  1. Be calm, collected and willing to communicate, AND listen.
  2. Build up rather than tear each other down. Complaints should be constructively focused on what you can do as a team to solve issues, not used as a tool of blame.
  3. Find at least one night per week to spend time together. In order to save a marriage from separation both parties will need to sacrifice some of their “me” time to make “we” time.
  4. Talk about your and your spouse’s needs and make that list a priority going forward. You may even find the main reasons for your current issues by determining what aspects of your and your spouse’s happiness are being neglected.
  5. Find time at least once per day to make a small but sincere gesture of appreciation and love to your spouse.
  6. Rekindle your physical relationship, even if it requires planning sex on a weekly basis to keep the emotional separation from growing too large to bridge.
  7. Why face marriage problems alone? Do you have trustworthy friends and family who worked through their own marriage issues? Their own successful experiences in saving their marriages may be helpful to you. Gaining perspective from someone else’s experience can be an invaluable tool.
  8. Take time away from the pressures and stresses of your schedule that may be contributing to your and your spouse’s unhappiness.

Remember that your role in the marriage is never to be the sole problem solver. It takes a healthy dose of communication and humility to move you away from marriage separation and toward marriage happiness. Above all else, remember that it takes both of you to make it work long-term.

Often it is necessary to seek outside help to save a marriage from separation. Don’t be afraid to seek such help. Your marriage and happiness are worth it! Contact us.

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